Leadership – David Backes


December 15, 2014 7:15 am  •  By Dan O’Neill   A captaincy in the NFL means calling “heads” or “tails” for a coin flip. Most people probably don’t realize NBA teams have captains. Most big-league baseball clubhouses don’t. But in the NHL, heavy is the jersey that bears the “C.” In hockey, the letter stands […]

Stop Focusing on Your Performance


by Peter Bregman The night before our wedding, Eleanor and I stood awkwardly in the center of a large room, surrounded by our family and our closest friends. There was no particular reason to be uncomfortable; this was just a rehearsal. Still, we were in the spotlight and things weren’t going smoothly. Neither the rabbi […]

A Coach’s Guide to Winning at the Motivation Game


  INTRODUCTION Winners have it, everyone else wants it. Motivation, that critical ingredient to success both in and out of sports. It’s the one element that will allow you to get back up after repeated failures and still achieve your goals. Follow these guidelines/strategies to help develop winning motivation on your team. STEP ONE MOTIVATION […]

10 steps to becoming a better coach

  Research suggests that coaches tend to rely on a relatively narrow range of professional development practices. It also shows that these practices rarely lead to significant improvement in performance. So, perhaps we need to try something new …   Read the 10 steps Here!

Not drafted? Not a problem!

18 months after being bypassed in the WHL Bantam Draft, Jake Bean has played his way onto Team Canada         It’s not totally unheard of for a player to be passed over at a Canadian Hockey League draft and go on to have a great career. Jarome Iginla, for example, wasn’t drafted […]

Coaches: Play With a Purpose!


  Internationally, physical education has been critiqued as lacking in educative intent, direction or purpose. The critique stems from two observations of the common practice of PE: Lessons are overly focussed on movement compliance in performance environments where the teacher predominantly uses distinctly directive teaching- in other words, the “teacher says” and the students copy; […]

No Words ……..


Be Your Best at All Times!


Article by: Jeff Kuhland at BreakingMuscle.com   Rest and recovery are critical components of any successful training program. They are also the least planned and underutilized ways to enhance performance. You may not be aware there is a difference between rest and recovery or how to properly implement them both. If you train for ten […]

Want To Be Great? Make Yourself Uncomfortable


Erika Andersen  from Forbes.com Please go check the site out for other great leadership articles! Let’s say someone wants to learn to build a cabinet. Imagine that person being encouraged to read a number of books about successful cabinet-builders, and what has worked for them in their careers. Then imagine that person sitting in a […]

Effortless learning is a dangerous illusion

This Article is Tes Connect out of the UK. Please click here to see more articles! Peter Brown, Henry Roediger and Mark McDaniel 17 April, 2014 Teachers understandably want to smooth the path to knowledge for their students. But for true mastery you must make them struggle Mary Pat Wenderoth stops herself mid-lesson and asks […]

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