From Seguin to St-Louis, NHLers train insane, just not the same

Fantastic article about different ways of training and how one way is not always the “only” way! Click Here to read article!

A Word We Need to Understand – Patience

Article from               Why do we need PATIENCE from today’s hockey coaches, parents and executives? We need patience because we need players who love the game and are happy people both at the rink and away from the rink. It’s all about the kids!! A patient approach does […]

5 Most Important Words for a Coach/Parent

Here are the 5 most important words for any parent or coach. MUST WATCH video. …

Cashing in on the Golden Age

by Mark J. Burns, September 2014 from     From 9 to 12 years of age might be the most important period in a young athlete’s development. Dubbed “The Golden Age of Skill Acquisition,” a child’s body is far enough along in its growth, but brain development is still happening at a rapid pace.  […]

13 Lessons I’ve Learned Coaching Kids


          By Mike Sager on June 15, 2014   Stop yelling. You’re making the kid hate you and the sport. Employ a commanding tone: firmer, stronger, and louder than normal; delivered from the gut in a military manner, but not overly stern—a fair leader who is a little demanding while calmly in […]

McCoaching: break free of the fast food coaching mentality!

Article is from: Sports IQ By Dean Holden Like people eating at fast food restaurants and wondering why they can’t lose weight, I’m constantly amazed by the majority of coaches who spend far too much time on systems and specialty teams only to be frustrated when their teams don’t experience success because they can’t properly […]

From Childhood to a Soccer Career, Much Has Stayed the Same


Interesting article to read as a Coach or Parent!   By YAEL AVERBUCHMAY 1, 2014  The New York Times I often write about change — the constant fluctuations in my thought process and reinvention of myself as a person and a soccer player. My environment and situation are constantly in flux. This year in the […]

The 3 C’s of Captain Toews


Great read for any player at any level!  Enjoy! If there is a hitch in this “Captain Serious” story, besides the fact that Jonathan Toews does not exactly embrace the nickname, it is the message imparted by such an appellation. Being designated as serious, the Blackhawks prodigy might come across to the masses as a […]

5 Warning Signs to Be Mindful of When Choosing a Junior A Program


I thought this article would be appropriate with all the JR A spring camps happening. I dont completely agree with #5 but its what the writer believes. Enjoy!   Posted by jamer4472 ⋅ April 8, 2014, When in Doubt, Glass and Out With heightened competition for talent between leagues such as the BCHL, OJHL, AJHL […]

Single-sport youth athletes sell themselves short

There are approximately 45 million children between the ages of 5 and 18 playing youth sports in America. Around 3 percent of them will play in college. A smaller percentage will make it to the professional ranks. To all of them, we should say: Expand your horizons. Focusing on just one sport is about the […]

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